[To a friend.] Pulverbach, January 1843.

My clear Friend, On Sunday evening I was led to speak from these words [Heb. viii. 5] - "See that thou make all things according to the pattern showed to thee in the mount." God will be worshipped as revealed in his word, and not according to the foolish fancies of men. "God is a Spirit; and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth." I endeavoured to show that the Lord tells his people in an especial manner to remember how he spake to them at mount Horeb "out of the midst of the fire" [Deut. iv. 10-12]; that this fire is his wrath revealed to us in a broken law, as the first step to salvation; that for want of this first work there was much light vain and foolish profession, which ended in worse than nothing; that God did this that we might learn to fear before him all the clays of our life; and that it is by these terrible means we are brought out of Egypt, and become an inheritance for him. I also endeavoured to show that this was the way to eternal life, though so contrary to the wisdom of the flesh, and that here the Spirit reveals Christ as a new and living way to the Father, removes the wrath, reconciles the sinner, and makes Father Son and Spirit to be our Friend in trouble, and our Deliverer in death from final destruction; but that this work manifests itself, as it is carried on, in godly fear, tenderness of conscience, and a corning forth from the world and the spirit of it. If any should ask, Who are they that manifest this beginning work? I could not help telling them that the plan, form, and pattern of this mysterious work would be shown to such as were ashamed. But I warned them to measure the pattern, and however badly they matched or fitted, if with shame they were enabled to come to the Lord Jesus Christ, he would show them the laws of his house - repentance; humiliation; a broken heart. Such as are conformable to these shall find their way into this mysterious dwelling, and shall know the mournful goings out as well as the reviving and. restoring comings in. [Ezek. xliii. 10, 11.]

Poor said to Sukey Harley, "These are things we never heard before; no minister ever spoke a word to us upon this subject. I feel it is the true way, and what a mercy to have such instruction!"

William Morris seemed much cheered.

Yours &c. J. B.

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