Fittleworth, 23 July 1810,

Dear W. B.

I am not able to find out your secret thoughts, but of this be assured, God is doing business with your soul; and you had need to pray for a watchful spirit, that you may know what to answer when he reproves. I would advise you only to make use of one word in your answer, namely, Guilty; and see what a compassionate Saviour will say; also remember that Jesus came "not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance." It appears that the Lord will not let you go, till all your quarrels are made up. If you escape with these unsettled, woe be to you; for he has taken you in hand, and you cannot get out of his hand. Take hold of Christ's strength, that you may make peace with him; and you will find that though he debates with you, he will stay his rough wind in the day of his east wind; and this is the way your iniquity shall be purged [Isaiah xxvii. 5-9]. Do not idle your time away in listlessness, but give the Lord no rest; and be assured you are in no trifling case; the judgments of God are a great deep; but for all who tremble there is always a way out. May the Lord comfort and encourage you to be much in earnest.

Your affectionate friend, J. B.

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