[To Mr, Yeomans.] Pulverbach, 2 September 1833.

What, my dear Friend, can be compared with communion with God through Christ, and the sweet teaching of the Spirit, that Holy Anointing which shall teach us all things? We know that this "is truth, and is no lie." All these waters of life come from the smitten Rock. "Behold, he smote the rock, that the waters gushed out, and the streams overflowed" [Psalm lxxviii. 20]. O how sweet these words have been to me this day! How precious this makes the Lamb that was slain! It washes away sin, am removes the spirit of the world, and enlarges, expands, and comforts the contracted heart, and gives even me power to cast my troubles upon the Lord as a very present help, and fits me for all that he sends me to do. O how descriptive are these waters gushing out, of a soul sinking in self-despair, and surprised with the sudden visit of this heavenly Friend! How his comfort overflows, and how low it lays the soul in the dust.

I was again made sensible of this while setting forth the necessity of washing the hands and the feet, that we die not. [Exodus xxx. 17-21.] Nothing is more defiling, confusing and darkening, than unwashed sins and unpurged guilt. What a withering it brings to the soul; and what death ensues! also felt much sweetness in God's charge respecting the compound of bitter and sweet spices, to be made an holy ointment with oil, and the confection for an holy perfume [Ex. xxx. 22-38]. Here I saw the necessity of sanctified affliction working godly fear, holy repentance unto life, submission, humiliation, and attention to what the Apostle says to his son Timothy - "that thy profiting may appear to all." The table and all the furniture of it were to be anointed with that holy oil, to set forth that all the appointments and ordinances of God must (if profitable) have the anointing of the Holy Ghost, denoting the sweet refreshing approbation and presence of God. I was greatly comforted with a sweet assurance of a portion in this. May the Lord make you and your family joint partakers of these heavenly benefits.

Yours &e. J. B.

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