Hertford, 30 August 1837.

Dear Mrs. H.

I feel anxious to hear of your welfare, and peculiarly so now, seeing it has pleased God to lay his hand upon Mr. H, which in a measure unfolds the wisdom of God in impressing your mind with divine truths at such a time as this. When the Lord began to work upon my heart He met me in all directions to stop my course in the world, and by his long continued and varied dispensations brought me down to hope there might be mercy for me. We for a long time think we can do many things and help ourselves in many ways, till the Lord is pleased to put a blow upon this contrivance and that, to mar this speculation and that, and to bring our fair prospects to the ground; and it is well if the Lord condescends to give us grace, in this humiliating posture, to put our mouths in the dust, and continues that grace that we may keep them there.

Your present affliction looks as if the Lord were determined to work for you, and make a way for your becoming a partaker of the privileges and immunities peculiarly belonging to his spiritual city. A wise man would rejoice that your heart is turned from those foolish ways you once lived in, and would manifest a delight that there is a prospect of his children being brought up in the fear of God, with prudence, integrity, and economy. These are accomplishments but little known in the present day; but the Lord will make his people not to forget the necessity of this course. If it please God to enlighten you with the light of life, it will make you most tender in all the various movements of your life, and you will perceive and soon learn to understand when the Lord is pleased and when he frowns. A tender regard and attention to that point will bring in much intercourse with the Lord, which as yet you have but little knowledge of.

I am exceedingly anxious that the little light you have, may, by the blessing of God, discover your real dangerous condition, under sentence of' death by the law of God, and that there can be no reprieve, no help, no remedy, but in the Spirit's application of the blood of sprinkling to your conscience. This will bring light and understanding along with it, and further discover to you that in Christ the sentence of death is removed, and life and immortality brought to light in your soul in its stead. This will make you a good Christian, a good and obedient wife, a good and tender mother, and a useful and ornamental member of society. A profession of religion without this is exactly the contrary; many sit down contented with nothing better than the shell; they have the honour that comes from men, but not the honour that God gives to his people. May the Lord communicate to you a wise and understanding heart to walk according to his pleasure in that very important post in which he has placed you.

Yours &c. J. B.

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