[To the Rev. W. Maddy.] Tunbridge Wells, 5 August 1836

My dear Sir,

I was glad to see your two letters, and more exceedingly to see the spirit of them; nor can I think that the Lord will suffer either your pupils or anything else to separate you finally from his love in Christ Jesus. I had a good morning in speaking upon "the vineyard of red wine " [Isaiah xxvii. 2, 3] - that the Lord will keep it - that none shall hurt it, neither sin, death, nor the devil; for the Lord will water it, either with affliction or the waters of life, so that neither the night of desertion nor the day of prosperity shall hurt it. All things shall work together for good in his elect. The Red Sea shall afford a safe passage for his people, but prove the destruction of his enemies. I felt greatly encouraged in many ways, and in the things that seemed to turn up in my favour. The Lord was present to heal, and has left a sweet savour of godly fear, with some hope that he will be with me in speaking in the evening upon the 4th and following verses.

Yours &c. J. B.

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