[To the Rev. B. G.] London, 8 June 1835.

 My dear Friend, I received your tidings, and wish to add, the Lord's ways are in the deep, and it is our mercy in all things to look well to the words of our Lord, "Nevertheless, not my will but thine be done." I hope you will be able to remain at your post to comfort the few poor remaining sheep that have thus been driven. I am not at all surprised at the darkness and distress that this circumstance has brought upon you both; and though it has been coming upon you as gradually as it well could, yet I have no doubt it has brought much sin to remembrance. I would call to your mind that a horror of great darkness fell upon Abraham, very little before the Lord renewed his covenant with him. I well remember our friend and pastor, when he first exercised the ministry; it was under the most distressing difficulties and darkness, with great bondage and contraction of spirit; and yet to the confusion of all his enemies, the Lord stood by him, and brought him through with a high hand; and through many groaning petitions, the misgiving fears and dismay that often overpowered him, were sanctified to the humbling of his soul, and the seeking of still further testimonies of his being sent of God.

I am sure you will have the prayers of all here that understand "the affliction of Joseph," and know what spiritual baptism means. "Blessed is the man that feareth the Lord;" he shall be prevalent with God. To him that thus walks uprightly, shall arise "light in darkness;" he shall know that the Lord is gracious, and righteous altogether. "Surely he shall not be moved for ever," notwithstanding that the waves roar, and all things threaten destruction. Therefore be not afraid of evil tidings; trust in the Lord, and your horn shall be exalted with honour. [Psalm cxii.]

Let your spiritual labour be manifest now in seeking God night and day, and never cease until the is pleased to enlighten your darkness, and compose your distracted fluctuating mind.

From your unworthy servant in the Lord, J. B.

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