[To Mr. Burrell, afterwards Minister of the Gospel.] - 1809.

My dear Friend,

The feeblest and weakest of all creatures desires to speak a little of the wonderful lovingkindness of God, so visibly shown in my behalf, and so sweetly felt in my heart. I seem more and more comforted under these tumults, and have fresh assurances of God's everlasting love to my soul. These words carne sweetly into my mind while reading before chapel this morning - "He hath delivered my soul in peace from the battle that was against me" (Psalm Iv. 181). Oh, how suitable and supporting! I can bless my dear Redeemer for these unlooked for mercies. He knows my weak and trembling state, and therefore encourages me by those sweet and frequent visits. "In the multitude of my thoughts within me, thy comforts delight my soul." I have lost a few earthly companions, and the dear Lord Jesus is come in their stead. O that God would condescend still to teach me, to be my guide, counsellor, and friend, and give me a grateful heart for all his condescension and mercy to the vilest and unworthiest of his people; and may he bless you for your kindness to me; and though I have been brought acquainted with you under a cloud, yet I do believe God will, in rich mercy, make it manifest that he has chosen me; and that your labour of love towards me shall not be in vain.

Yours affectionately, J. B.

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